Love this product!

We have a mule who has had a crack in her back hoof since last December. It’s been very slow going to get it grown out. I bought a 22 pound bucket of this and I am already seeing results-I give it to my horse too. In addition to what it is doing for hoof health, their coats looks shinier and healthier too. I am going to keep them on this!

Great product, super results!

I bought this for my three year old, after he kicked out a chunk of his hoof, and I have seen great results with the product!



i have a 6 year old OTTB. this works!! he used to throw shoes so many times during the 6 week period, now he only had one loose nail in the same period. my farrier & i love this.


I actually used this on a few of my pastures. Worked fantastic! Definitely saw thicker and taller feed. I loved that it’s safe too, hate chemicals.


Very good product. It was recommended by my farrier!



Good joint supplement

“This product has been helpful in keeping my dear old friend, a 34 year old TB comfortable. She eats it well since it is a pellet rather than a powder. She would not touch powder supplements and would end up rejecting her entire bucket of grain when I mixed any of the powdered supplements in. This product has the ingredients I was looking for in a form that the horse will accept. The price is comparable to other joint supplements with similiar ingredients.”



I was looking for one supplement to support our horse’s digestive system, joints, hooves and coat and Magic Mineral has it all. Our horses are doing great on it!


I have a horse that is 17 and a horse that is 7, each on this feed. My 17-year-old is maintaining his weight. My 7-year-old can have this feed without getting hyper and jumpy like other feeds have. Highly Recommend


From receiving my first bag, the bag itself it nice, and easily recloses, the measuring cup inside is very helpful, and the granular supplement mixes well with Farrier’s Magic pelleted feed. My horses love it. Noticing coat changes, very soft coat is showing with winter coats shedding off.

Highly recommended

My horse had laminitis this spring followed by white line disease and absesses in both front feet. This went on for months. When everything finally healed, I started him on farrier’s magic plus. So far, it seems to be working. His feet are no longer painful and they look better than they have in a long time.

Had to write this review…

Not normally the person to write reviews but in this case I felt that I must. My horse struggles with poor hoof quality/cracking and thin walls. He was very uncomfortable and therefore unwilling to work. I knew he needed help. My plan with my farrier was Keratex and supplementing. I am a young professional so affordability and value were very important to me when choosing supplements. For that reason I chose Farrier’s Magic Plus (which I also combine with SmartHoof Circulate Pellets). His improvement has been remarkable. It took about 3-4 weeks to begin to notice changes but they were obvious. His shoes, which would previously NEVER stay on, have managed to last an entire 6 weeks. He also is no longer “tip-toeing” and is clearly more comfortable. Also, as a bonus, his coat looks healthy and shiny.

Working good

I have been using this for about a month now. My horse has bad feet and I and my farrier both agree they are looking much better already. Less cracks and harder hoof. I will continue using this.