Graze-On provides a NATURAL— DOUBLE PUNCH
ALL NATURAL Pasture Fertilizer & Herbicide – ALL IN ONE

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Allow your horses to graze on safely be using Farrier’s Magic Graze-ON All Natural Pasture Fertilizer & Herbicide. This all-natural pasture fertilizer is made in the USA and not only helps to fertilize soil and make it more alkaline, but it also helps prevent weeds from growing. The granulated texture makes spreading easy and you only need to apply it twice a year! It’s safe for horses and livestock to graze on, safe for children and pets to play on and promotes healthy roots for healthy plants for healthy pets!

Key Benefits

  • Fertilizes soil and helps control emerging weeds.
  • An all-in-one natural pasture fertilizer.
  • The granulated texture makes it extra easy to spread.
  • Only needs to be applied twice a year.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Apply Farrier’s Magic Graze-ON Natural Pasture Fertilizer & Herbicide twice a year.
  • In the spring, apply before the forsythias begin to bloom and up to the time they bloom.
  • In the fall, apply after the long hot period of summer has ended.

Recommended Application

  • Initial – 300 pounds per acre.
  • Maintenance – 100 pounds per acre.